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florence and the machine

You Can Book Florence And The Machine For Your Next Big Event!

Florence And The Machine is an English indie rock band that formed in London in 2007. The collective consists of 6 members; Florence Welch, Isabella Summers, Robert Ackroyd, Chris Hayden, Mark Saunders and Tom Monger. The group released their debut album, Lung in 2006 which rose to the top of the music charts. The group has continued to release chart topping singles and albums, as well as also rocking sold out concerts all over the world. Since coming onto the scene, the group has experienced enormous success while establishing a very loyal fan base. To this day, the band still amazes the crowds with their dramatic performances and lead vocalist, Florence Welch’s powerful voice.

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Here’s A List Of Some Of The Different Events & Engagements You Can Book Florence And The Machine For

Private Parties
Company Parties
Public Concerts
Corporate Events
Meet & Greets
Club Appearances
After Parties
TV Appearances
Music Collaborations
Autograph Signings

If you are interested in booking Florence And The Machine for an event that you have coming up, you can begin the booking process by filling out our booking request form. While filling out the request form, please make sure you include all the details for the event you would like to book the music group for. You should also feel free to include any questions you may have in regards to our booking process. Once you have submitted your request, a member of our staff will respond in a timely manner to further assist you. Due to a high volume of requests, we kindly ask that you only fill out our request form if you have a serious interest in booking Florence And The Machine for an upcoming event.

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